I’d lose my head if it wasn’t tied on

When I was a kid, my folks were driven crazy by my tendency to lose things. Now days I drive myself crazy, and my better half as well. Keys, wallet, phone, backpack, journal, jacket, hat, shoes… the list goes on. If you give me something, I can probably lose it.

Lately I’m on a roll. In the last few weeks I’ve lost my debit card twice and my journal once. (all at work) Thankfully, due to the kindness of coworkers these items were returned to me.

So thank you, Universe. Thank you, kind-hearted people. Thank you, my family. Thanks for putting up with my scatterbrained self :)

I have to wrap this up now – I’ve lost my head and I’ve gotta go find it.

Led by example

I’ve come across a number of writers in the last year or so that have influenced my thinking. In some cases they’ve even influenced my behavior!

One such fellow is Mark Schafer, a designer for Scripps Networks. I’ve found that he consistently writes about things that are relevant to my own interests in a style that’s eminently accessible.

Here are a couple example posts:

On simplifying one’s life: http://asimpleframe.com/writing/edit-ruthlessly
On sketchnotes: http://asimpleframe.com/writing/sketchbook-notes-volume-2

I look forward to reading about Mark’s ongoing 2014 effort: 12 Projects in 12 Months.

The memory is not the Buddha

as part of a very deliberate but somewhat indulgent choice to divest myself of a good portion of my worldly crap, i’ve come to realize that as I feel like I have a lot of unused stuff that is just clutter, both physically and psychologically… it feels great to get rid of stuff now and then.

for example:
I have a porcelain Buddha (beverage container). It has a a straw hole so it’s not very sacred…

Of course, the memory attached to it is… As I recall, my very dear friends Christian and Kathy treated me to sushi and spent some quality geek time with yours truly. I believe there was miniature gaming involved, some odd looks from the wait staff, and a great tropical drink of some sort that our glassine guru contained… mmm!

But the memory is not the Buddha. The figure is not what’s meaningful. It takes up space, it occludes light, casts shadows, and watches from its shelf.

Do I need the statue to reflect on the occasion? No, but it would be wise to store a visual memory somehow, (yay technology) so when i’m 92 (I’m determined to get there, by gosh) I can still remember other, connected memories: sprawling out around our canoes and a camp fire with a marvelous small crowd with hacky sacks, guitars, keyboards and logs… or seeing a young man roll around in a tent, blink drunk and giggling.

I’m going to take some shots of my small meditating stein, and then I’m going to release the peaceful mug downstream like a flaming bier, fading out of sight. Someone will use this again. Or it will be thrown aside. It doesn’t matter.

The memory is not the Buddha.


Another year, another post :)

So this year was eventful.  We made a human, and have kept it alive thus far. Its leaves look healthy and it’s getting plenty of light.

We moved from our south knoxville aframe lodge to a west knoxville home in bearden, and pretty much completely renovated the aframe.  It’s on the market and we really hope it sells soon. (http://tours.tourfactory.com/tours/tour.asp?t=956992)

We went to colorado for our babymoon and visited with our good friend Caren.  Coraline went snowmobiling and snowshoeing even before she was born!

My art production has tailed off but I hope to get back into it next year, at least a little.  Also plan to take some woodworking classes early in the year and look forward to getting more crafty in that area.

All for now!